Autism and Surroundings

How can one’s surroundings provide support for people within the autistic spectrum? People tend to think that efforts must be made by the person with autism to “fit into” society. Therapies are imparted and the world around them is “translated” so that they can understand it better. But surroundings, spaces and realities belong to everybody. This right to participation is systematically violated when it comes to people with diversity in general, and with autism in particular. This roundtable aims to explore the relationship of autistic people with their surroundings, both rural and urban, whether as a child, teenager or adult.

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Carol Amat

Carol Amat is Technical Director of the Catalan Autism Federation. She has been collaborating with the Institute of Psychiatric and Psychological Diagnosis and Care (IDAPP) since 2000 and has been working specifically with autism spectrum disorder since 2004 at the Asperger Association of Catalonia (AAC). She has since then worked as a psychologist at the CSMIJ in Mataró and at the GEMA office of associated medical specialties.

Laura Gisbert

Laura Gisbert has a Degree in Medicine and Surgery and PhD in Psychiatry from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). Her interests have focused on neurodevelopmental disorders ever since the outset of her professional career, primarily autism spectrum disorder. She currently coordinates the autism program of the psychiatry service at Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, where she combines clinical and research activity.

Session Time
Friday 17/03
Sala Teatre
10:30h - 12:30h
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