Dance and Brain

Dance has become established as a means of expression of everything that navigates through the human mind, from the most intrinsic fears to the purest emotions. It clearly manifests the brain and its thoughts. Talking to experts in this artistic expression, we will understand how body movement influences the brain, either by performing it or even merely visualizing it. We will also learn about how dance is used as a therapeutic method and what benefits it can provide for specific pathologies.

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Susana Pérez

Susana Pérez has a PhD in Psychology and a Master’s in Psychological Research from the Ramon Llull University of Barcelona. A former dancer of the Arsis Ballet de Cambra group between 1981-1988, she is currently a member of the consolidated research group Salut Activitat Física at the Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology (URL), where she investigates the benefits of the practice of dance and corporal expression in various groups.

Àngels Margarit

Àngels Margarit has dedicated her career to dance as a choreographer, dancer, and teacher. She belongs to the first generation of contemporary dancers that came to fruition in Barcelona in the early1980s. She has since become one of the main references of Catalan dance. Àngels Margarit has catapulted numerous projects in the creative, educative, and promotional realms of dance.


Tere Pérez

Graduate in medicine from the UAB and in psychiatry from the UB, she has been a psychiatrist at the Vidal Barraquer Foundation since 2000 and was coordinator of the CCCB Alzheimer’s Program from 2010 to 2021. She has also been coordinator of the programs El museu s’apropa and La dansa s’apropa since 2020 for Apropa Cultura. Advisor on aging and culture.

Session Time
Sunday 19/03
Sala Teatre
10:00h - 12:00h
Parallel Film
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