Gospel, a Balm for Our Synapses

Singing creates beautiful fireworks in our grey matter. Some of the benefits of music include activating both cerebral hemispheres and establishing new connections between reasoning and seriation, as well as creativity and imagination. This is why people who have experienced a stroke can sometimes have some of their speech functions restored through singing (Melodic Intonation Therapy). An emotional connection, especially present in the deep experience of gospel, also generates endorphins that stabilize our adrenaline levels and balance our heart rate. This is why singing gospel can be a balm not only for our brain, but also for our whole body.


Sonia Moreno

A conductor of gospel choirs since 1999 (Gospel Sistémico de la Asociación Superar l’Ictus Barcelona, Twocats pel gospel, Clappers del Weclap, among others), she has a Degree in Journalism and a Diploma in Teaching-Music Education. More than ten years of teaching have provided her with the flexibility and training necessary to adapt her sessions to all manner of audiences. She is currently directing the Postgraduate Course in Systemic Gospel at the University of Girona, a project of her own creation, and she is still active on stage as a musician with the professional Live Choir.

Session Time
Friday 17/03
Sala Raval
18:30h - 19:30h