Cerebral Keys to Creativity

What can neuroscience tell us about creativity? What mechanisms of the brain trigger it? What feeds it? What blocks it? Can it be controlled? Discover the neurological keys to creative processes and how to apply them to your daily activity no matter what your occupation.


Eduardo Vara

Eduardo Vara Robles has a Degree in Medicine specializing in Pediatrics. He trained as an editor at Pompeu Fabra University and in dramaturgy at Sala Beckett in Barcelona, where he is a member of the Philosophy Workshop. Together with various articles about the influence of digital technologies on cognitive development, he is the author of an essay on neuronarrative entitled “Érase una vez en tu cerebro: cómo y por qué disfrutas tanto con algunas historias” (Once upon a time in your brain: how and why you enjoy some stories so much).

Session Time
Saturday 18/03
Sala Raval
14:00h - 15:00h