The emotional management of actors in “Society of the Snow”

Each person and their acting ability involves the casting director to rethink the path to follow, to work in favor of their strengths, embrace their weaknesses and design a personalized system to make the experience on set a physically and emotionally healthy space. In this session, we will address this work in “Society of the Snow”, where the actors had a difficult task: to create a new way of seeing the world. And to immerse yourself in extreme situations, true to the narrative and so far from its reality, with the added difficulty of extremely adverse weather, physical and emotional conditions.

To do this, we will have María Laura Berch, casting director and acting coach of The Snow Society. Their job is to create a bridge between the need and/or expectation of the direction of the film and the desire and illusion of the actors and actresses. She will be accompanied by Santiago Vaca-Narvaja, one of the main roles of Bayona’s film.


María Laura Berch

Casting Director and Acting Coach is an outstanding professional in the film industry, with more than two hundred projects since 2002. He has worked on international films such as “The Snow Society” and “Distancia de Rescate” as well as series such as Netflix’s “El Eternauta” and “Coppola” In Argentina, he collaborated with renowned directors such as Benjamín Naishtat, Celina Murga, and Ariel Winograd, among others. In 2023, he directed his first film with Laura Chiabrando, starring Natalia Oreiro and produced by Tarea Fina, currently in post-production. In addition, she was nominated for the Silver Condor in Casting Direction in 2023 for “Sublime” and “El Suplente” In 2014, she received the recognition for Innovation in the Casting area in Los Angeles-USA. Her extensive and varied CV positions her as a leading figure on the international film scene.

Santiago Vaca-Narvaja

Santiago Vaca Narvaja, born on October 19, 1998 in Unquillo, Córdoba, Argentina, grew up in a lower-middle-class family immersed in art, guided by his parents, Gonzalo Vaca Narvaja (writer and editor) and Laura Sosa Loyola (visual artist), who instilled in him the belief that art is a space of resistance and love. He honed his skills for 8 years at the Teatro “La Cochera” in Cordoba under the direction of Paco Giménez, a local cultural figure. Santiago, who graduated in Audiovisual Production from the National University of Cordoba, always felt more comfortable in the fields of cinema and theater. He deftly transitioned between acting and technical roles on various projects, such as short films, commercials, and theatrical productions. Recent work experiences include roles in the musical “El Musical”, the short film “Life is a Dream”, the feature film “Ciudad Universitaria” and the feature film “La Sociedad de la Nieve”, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona.

Session Time
Friday 15/03
Sala Teatre
12:30h - 14:00h
  • Price: €3
  • Activity in Spanish
  • Activity in collaboration with the Script Residency of the Catalan Cinema Academy and the RLL-Blanquerna University
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