Barcelona, February 9th, 2023

Art, creativity and the brain will be the leitmotiv of the Brain Film Fest 2023

The film festival dedicated to the brain will celebrate its 6th edition from March 15 to 19 in Barcelona.

Artificial and human intelligence come together in the new image of the festival.

The Brain Film Fest 2023 has dates and a new image. The 6th edition of the international film festival that revolves around themes related to the brain, will be held between March 15 and 19, 2023 at the Center de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB). The festival, which includes screenings, round tables, colloquiums and workshops, is promoted by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation and co-organized with Minimal Films, with the collaboration of the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology- Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

In this 6th edition, the festival will treat art, creativity and the brain as central themes. Is it possible to understand the effects of creativity, art or beauty on our well-being? Can artistic expression give way to experiences, experiences or emotions that the brain hides? What cerebral springs are activated before a pictorial work, a symphony or an audiovisual piece? These are some of the questions that the Brain Film Fest asks itself in this edition.

The artistic director of the festival, Albert Solé, states: “We want to explore art, how we create it and receive it, through the prism of neuroscience. Through different formats: feature films and short films, round tables or conferences, we will explore the links between art, creativity and the brain, in addition to inviting the public to delve into the complex organ that governs our lives”.

A new image created with artificial intelligence

The graphic image has been designed by Sagarzazu Studio through the use of DALL-E, an artificial intelligence software that creates unique images from textual descriptions. In the case of the Brain Film Fest, the text that generated the image on the poster was “Image of a woman in a suit with a broken egg as a head. Magritte style.

“The image of the Brain Film Fest 2023 works on the idea of ​​the creative process and the ability of the brain to give birth to everything conceivable and also the impossible, based on the metaphor of the human head as an egg about to hatch. What will be born of it? We don’t know, but the possibilities are endless, only our imagination, our brain, as creators and also as spectators, are the final frontier”, explains David Sagarzazu. “During the work process we have discovered the power of this tool, run amok without a good and strict art direction, and we have also discovered the technical, cultural and cognitive biases on which it feeds by nature”, adds Sagarzazu.

XIII Solé Tura Award and Microcurts Award

The Solé Tura Award, open to short films related to brain themes and which is celebrating its 13th edition this year, has closed its call having received a total of 191 works from 13 countries. The works in the competition are eligible for prizes of €1,500, €1,000 and €500, and will be evaluated by a jury made up of professionals from both the scientific and cinematographic fields.

As for the Microshorts, pieces of less than two minutes that opt ​​for a prize of €500, the call remains open until December 31. The organization of the festival will inform the filmmakers, between January 15 and 31, 2023, of the selected works to start the online voting process.