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  • Brain Film Fest 2022 will be held from March 17-20th. We find ourselves at a historic crossroads, where technology is once again forcing us to delineate the possibilities and limits of the human brain. Applications exist that modify our emotional states, implants that restore lost capabilities, even cyborgs where biology and robotics come together. The capacity to conceptualize and project realities that are not directly in front of us has always been a large part of what drives human advancement. All the disruptors that have changed the way we perceive the world and how we relate to it, were once embryos of ideas within the human brain. During this edition of the Brain Film Fest we ask ourselves, where does imagination lie and what motivates that spark? We’ll explore the realities of changes that are players in the next scientific revolution and ask ourselves what are the ethics of them. What mechanisms of the brain allow us to play with the intangible? Where can we and where do we want to end up?

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