Executive Board

Cristina Maragall

President of Pasqual Maragall Foundation

Albert Solé

Director of Minimal Films

Elena Subirà i Roca

Executive Director Brain Film Fest

Brain Film Fest Team

Albert Solé

Artistic Director

Elena Subirà i Roca

Executive Director

Naila Fernández

Production Manager

Didier Montoya

Film Coordination & Audiovisual Supervision

Jeny Montagut


Ramón Daví

Production and Stage Coordination

Claudia Ripoll

Guest and Ceremony Manager

Ana Sánchez

Head of Press and Communication

Laia Tardós

Social Media Manager

Judit Domènech

Digital Advice

Sagarzazu Studio

Art direction & Graphic Design

Antonio Navarro Wijkmark


Advisory Committee

Nina Gramunt

PhD in clinical psychology and neuropsychology, her main focus is dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s disease. She is also dedicated to the study and promotion of active aging and provides the general public with her own information resources to promote activity and socialization among the elderly.

Tere Pérez

Graduate in medicine from the UAB and in psychiatry from the UB, she has been a psychiatrist at the Vidal Barraquer Foundation since 2000 and was coordinator of the CCCB Alzheimer’s Program from 2010 to 2021. She has also been coordinator of the programs El museu s’apropa and La dansa s’apropa since 2020 for Apropa Cultura. Advisor on aging and culture.

Hanna Poikonen

Researcher in the neuroscience of movement, dance and music, she has applied her knowledge in higher education at ETH Zurich and in rehabilitation at Örebro University Hospital. Based on her academic work and education in dance, martial arts and somatic methods, she has created the WiseMotion method on neuroscience and creative movement, which she has showcased in North America, Europe, Asia and on various online platforms.

Santiago de Torres

Graduate in medicine and surgery, he has been Director General at the Ministry of Health, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Culture and Undersecretary of the Ministry of Social Affairs. He is currently President of the company AtrysHealth, President of the Mémora Foundation, Vice-President of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation, and Trustee of the Prado Museum, Picasso Museum of Barcelona, Alternativas Foundation and ELA Luzón Foundation.

Olga Subirós

Architect, researcher and curator, her projects provide material for critical thought on the transformations of the digital era and eco-social crises. Noted exhibitions by her include Big Bang Data, on the datification of the world, for CCCB and the Telefónica Foundation, and her latest project Air/Aria/Aire, on air pollution, presented at the Venice Biennale.

Núria Vidal

Writer and film critic, she has collaborated in a variety of media since 1984. She began a film blog in 2010, has worked in positions of responsibility and has been a member of various juries at national and international festivals. She taught film criticism at ESCAC for eight years and is the author of some thirty books. She was a member of the team of the BTV program La Cartellera until February 2022.