The Festival

    The brain is the featured star of this festival, which includes the tenth edition of the Solé Tura Award. The Brain Film Fest combines screenings, talks and workshops to encourage audiovisual creation and raise awareness of different aspects of the brain, both its amazing capabilities and the diseases and conditions that threaten it. With this goal in mind, the festival will bring together cinema, neurology, psychiatry, philosophy, sociology, technology and artistic production alongside other cultural and scientific fields.

    The Brain Film Fest is promoted and organized by the Pasqual Maragall Foundation and co-organized with the Uszheimer Foundation and the Producer Minimal Films.


    Organizational structure


    Brain Film Fest Steering Committee:

    President of the Pasqual Maragall Foundation: Cristina Maragall

    Direction: Albert Solé

    Executive Direction: Alicia Reginato

    Institutional Relations and Volunteering Coordination: Loli Pagán

    Advisory Committee:
    Paz Flores, Nina Gramunt, Simón Lee, Olga Subirós, Santiago de Torres

    10th Solé Tura Award Steering Committee:
    Pasqual Maragall Foundation, Minimal Films, Uszheimer Foundation

    Production: Laura Cadena, Montse Farrarons, Mar Guerrero, Anna Marquès
    Film Coordination and Audiovisual Supervision: Didier Montoya
    Press: Neus Masferrer
    Community Manager: Pau Roigè
    Photography: Antoni Navarro Wijkmark
    Design: Sömi Graphic Studio
    Host: Toni Puntí
    Interns: Joan Barceló, Josep Gayón

    With the participation of:
    External resources and public relations of CCCB: Tere Pérez
    Head of audiovisual and multimedia at CCCB: Àngela Martínez